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Start of 330 Restoration

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I started restoring my 330 about a week ago. Power washed it put a new fuel line in between the pump and filter because it was previously held together with burlap and a wire. Next I had transmission oil leaking come to find out the tube going from the site tube and the rear of the tranny was broke off and replaced that. Put new rims and rubber all around and after cleaning all of the dirt off everywhere I gave it a coat of blitz black. Next, I got the console, side shields, grill and front cowl painted. Still have the fender pan to strip and paint as well as the hood. Maybe next weekend. Didn't want to send it out to paint so I have taken my time and stripped it and rattle canned it back to life.

Before and after:

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Very nice! I have a 332 I have been working on. What size rear wheels do you have there, they look nice and wide. Should look super mint when you have it done.
I have a 330, and a 332 thats needs restoring. Are those the stock wheels on the front?
Guys, the rears are 23x10.5x12 BUT on JD 9.5 inch rims which makes the profile of them wider. They are Carlisle Super Lugs.

As for the fronts Drew, they are not stock. The stock rims and tires were in the before pic. These are JD narrow rims with tri rib rubber.

Thought about V61s but both my 332s have those. Something a little different. I put the narrows on to make the turning of it a little easier since it does not have power steering. Something to be different.
What did the front rims come off of, and are they metric or standard
I have also been in search of these wide rims. Where did you find them if I might ask?

Here are the serial numbers that had each type of front spindle -- now we just need to know which range Jim's 330 is in...

Up to SN 366886 used 1" spindles.
SN 366887 and up used 25mm spindles.

Mine has the 1" spindles. Would the narrow rims off of a 110 or 112 work?
I have the 1" spindles on my 330. I got the 9.5 rear rims through Deere.

The front rims had been used one time on a 212 but these kind of rims had the bolt that went down through the middle to attach them to the spindle.

Steve told me to put my dust covers in boiling hot water and then pop them on and it worked other than that, they wouldn't have fit.

So the narrows off of a 110 should fit but I have been known to be wrong. I think that is what these were intended for is the old tractors that had the bolt go on and that is why they didn't have dust covers for them.

I just like the look of them and like I said it makes turning a little more easier.

I ALMOST made this 330 black like my 332 but thought green was purty enough.
The narrow rims for the 110's and 112's were probably both 3/4 for the earlier ones, and 1" for the later ones. Same story as the 140 parts.

You need rims that have the big washer and a bolt holding them on with pressed in bearings. The ones with the metal cap you pry off and a castle nut with tapered bearings were 3/4"

Like mentioned the 200 series had narrow rims, I think the 208s were built with them.

You can still buy the narrow rims new from Deere for a 208, but sit down before you ask the price.
I had these on my 332 at one point, they were 1" rims on 25mm spindles. Some slop but they worked for the little bit of driving I did. I know John Lang had tried using a "shim" made from a sota can to make up the .4mm difference from metric to standard. Not sure if it held up.

I did buy 1" spindles from an early 318 and was going to change them, as well as the bushing in the cast iron axle (got those new from deere), but went ahead and put wider tires on as I found with the weight of the diesel, the narrows were not wide enough in soft ground.

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I know this is a beaten down dead horse and probably kicked a couple of times but my tractor when first engaged likes to take off and then really take off. Now that the fender pan is off, where is exactly that linkage that I am suppose to adjust or where is the possible worn out pin? Does anyone have pictures or directions for a dummy. Another new venture I would like to encounter. Thanks.
I am also needing these instruction! Mine is not bad yet but I want to look into it before it is.
Jim and Jay,

Worn linkage is discussed a lot here... Start by reading through the active adjacent thread at

and then search "hydro creep" for a lot more information...and also look under "jerky hydro" for some information on the dampeners.
Thanks Mike, Chuck.
Mine had the same problem, it was a bad roll pin.
Thanks Chuck. Will there be any need to remove tires or fuel tank to get to this area? Belly screen has been removed already.
Drew, I have the fender pan done but need the foot rest stickers and caution sticker to finish it off. Got the new seat mounted.

I won a hood off of an auction site from Roy Parker in NY. It should arrive next week and I can sand it and get it painted and add new decals, lights and lens. May be a week or two before I post more pics. Going to the Expo in NY next weekend.
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