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Hi guys I am new to this so please be patient, I reciently purchased my first 318 I t has 607 hours on it and looks great. It was a one owner. I changed all of the fluids and cleaned everything and when I drove it up to the gas station a few blocks away to get a feel for it I notice that the steering does not return to the same place everytime when you turn back to go g straight. It does seem to be pretty good as play, hardly any play in the wheel when the tractor is off settin in the garage. I checked the axel bolt tops and they seem very good so I do not know what to check for next. All I have ever had to mow and plow with before for 15 years has been my 140h3 so this power steering thing is new to me. Thanks for your time. Roger Q

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This has been discussed here quite a bit. The steering should operate correctly with the engine off, just with more force needed. If the check valve in the control valve at the end of the steering column is not working properly, or if the control valve is VERY worn then the steering wheel will spin without actuating the steering cylinder. Low fluid can also cause this symptom, and an air leak in the upper column seal can cause the fluid to run out of the control valve back into the hydro reservoir.

This is what the manual says about the steering with the engine not running:

If hydraulic pressure is lost, the machine can still be
steered without hydraulic assistance. All components
still function the same with the exception of the fluid
metering section (H). The fluid metering section now
acts as a pump, moving oil from one side of the
metering section to the other as the steering wheel is
When the rotation of the steering wheel stops, the
centering springs move the valve back to the center
(neutral) position, and will remain there until the
steering wheel is moved again.

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