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Steering Wheel Center Cap

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Does anyone know of a source for SW Cap? It's the 3" one w/ silver deer on white background. Got my SW from Hapco but they do not have the cap. Tried to get from Deere but no success. Deere does have an all black one that should fit. TIA for any help/advise. KB
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Ken HAPCO one of the sponsors above I believe sells them. If you can't find it on their sit call as they have more things than the site shows. Roger
Roger, those caps have been on backorder from HAPCO for a long time
I think the center cap is the same size as some of the larger tractors. I have a 2020 and I THINK they are the same. Check ebay or call Wagner Ag sales 402-744-3831. Good Luck!
You might want to check with Kate from HAPCO... IIRC she mentioned something about the mold for the caps being destroyed and they were trying to source a new one. I looked for that post but I cannot find it.
Ken DavenportTractor.com has them in stock now.
FYI, I called Davenport this morning. They like Hapco are out of stock and have been for some time. They don't know when they might get them. I am guessing they probably get them from the same source that Hapco does.
Sorry Bill Fleisch I didn't know!!
Np, just letting everyone else know. Not your fault. Hopefully the manufacturer will be able to make them again.
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