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Steering wheel rebuild or replace?

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My '66 steering wheel is cracked and weathered.
Does anyone renew or rebuild these wheels?
What is involved in renewing a wheel?

Who sells a worthy replacement steering wheel?
Thx Ken
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One of the sponsors at the top of the WFM pages is Hapco. They have excellent quality JD licensed reproduction parts, decal's and steering wheels for Jd round fender, 110-112.
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I put jb weld in the cracks. Sanded smooth, and painted with jd blitz black. Looks new!
I've also had good service with a good epoxy (PC-7) and paint (Rustoleum Semi Gloss Black). ~~ Lowell
There is places on line that better than hapcos price.
I think I will try an epoxy and paint first.
Only one crack and some sprucing up.
Still need a new center cap though.
I did manage to find a really nice original wheel cap on the online auction place for a great price. Hapco was out of stock when I did my restore.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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