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I'll start with the things I've fixed so far and get to the things that still need doin eventually.

Replaced the missing air filter foam cover and the key (previous owner had some generic key jammed in there). New oil and gas filters. New fuel lines. New spark plug. New rear tires.

Replaced the deck belts. Couldn't find any videos for changing yellow deck belts, but it wasn't hard to figure out how to drop the deck and replace the belts. It did require one pulley to be unbolted from the deck. The tensioning pulley wasn't locked into place when I bought it, and it took me a while to poke around and figure out why the mower kept stopping when I got into some grass. Belts were completely shot anyway.

Ran the fuel tank dry and started having problems. Engine wouldn't run without shooting carb cleaner into the intake. Checked the path for fuel flow. Confirmed fuel was making it into the carb. Tried cleaning the carb, but the jets don't come out like they do on an outboard. Couldn't get it running again.

Ordered a replacement carb. Installed that today. Ran horrible. Surging at medium and high throttle. Dying at idle with the idle screw turned as high as it would go. Dropped the old carb into some chem dip. Put the old carb back on. Still wouldn't run.

Didn't know what the second screw on the carb was for until I saw someone take out the needle and clean it in a video. Tried that. Back to running perfect. New carb came with the new gaskets I needed, so it wasn't a total waste.

Remaining Issues:

Still have an issue at full throttle where it surges like the governor is kicking in over and over.

Solenoid is going out and takes several tries before the starter will kick on.

Main belt coming off the engine is not long for this world.
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