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1989 JD STX38 Yellow deck.
I have a peerless 920-017 trans that I may need to replace. Just pulled it tonight and the pulley is shot. If I wanted to replace it what other 5 speed manual transmissions could I use?
The JD site says it takes a 930-004, then has a 930-004a and -004b listed.

Also if it takes a 930-004, a, b and clearly it took a 920-017 because I bought this new in 1989.... then what other tractors where those trans in? I'm sure they were in a ton but is there a resource to find a listing of tractors so I can buy or find a donor tractor?
I would rather not crack the case on this, and would love to find one from perhaps a newer STX38 (or other? Tractor) that I can just bolt right back in.

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