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Super lugs as front tires

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Has anyone used super lugs for front tires?
I've been looking at 3 rib, but was wondering, as my 316 will be used as a tractor, not for mowing, I'm looking for more steer traction as it will be going in the woods, in a 4 acre field, and basically used for firm work. Any thoughts?
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I never tried lugs on front, reverse them so they steer better from what I have read.
Front >>>>> Rear <<<<<<<
Front >>>>> Rear <<<<<<<
Thanks, Freddie -
I've been working in Acton, Devens, Westminster, and Weston for over the last year. I live in Central Maine, but I don't think you're that far from where I stay in Ayer...
Small World...
I put a set of Deestone lugs on the front of my 140. So far I like them.
I have reversed lugs on the front of the 430 they work great but if your worried about your lawn don't make any sharp turns !
I didn't reverse mine. I have plowed and tilled with it this spring and so far so good. My 140 is used for tilled work. I have not mowed with it yet. I had this set up on my JD 4455 & 4955.
I had bars/ags tires on the front of my 140 and they did not tear up the grass when mowing. But in the winter the bar fronts did not help traction at all. I switched to V61's on the front during the winter with a big traction improvement !!

This with the bar tires

And this is the current setup that works much better ( for my needs anyways ).

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I used bar tires on the front of a 318 with 44 loader installed. I can't say there was any improvement at all over using four-ply Carlisle turf-type tires. In fact, the ride was less smooth on hard surfaces with the bar tires.
Just wondering if anyone here is still running John Deere front mowers like the F932, F935, F935, and F1145. I don't see many anymore since zero turns have practically taken over. I have an F1145 and it's a great mower.

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They make great parts machines. Very popular in GB and Ireland. Most are broken up here to fulfill the demand for parts there.
I know of one F935 running at a YMCA

thought it was a really weird mod until I searched on google
I know a guy with 4 f935's he had 2, and just picked up 2 more from a landscaping company. 72" mowers, brooms, blowers and a couple cabs. He said they are way easier to snowblow with compared to a 430, and mow better then his 4200 mmm.
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