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Temp Light on 332

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The temperature/overheat light on my 850 hr. 332 came on while I was mowing yesterday (after about 45 minutes). Radiator screen is clean & coolant level was fine. Could it be related to the fact it was freakin' 98 degrees outside??? Any thoughts/ideas would be greatly appreciated, as always. Thanks! Bill
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How about the belly screen, is that clean ??? Also if you pull the screens from the tower and look inside there, you might not believe how much junk gets built up in there !!

One last thought, do you run at WOT ???
Ah, yes...the belly screen!!! I guess my tour of Iraq made me forgot about that one. Thanks!
I have the tail light assembly, but no bulb socket.
It was cut off.

Cannot see where I can buy a replacement socket.
Looks plastic/rubber with 4 tabs that twist and lock in.

Any suggestions?nk the past owner swapped one out.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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