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I had a set I bought when I first was in town but didn't get to use them (end of season) and I had only used tire chains that year on the tar/cement. Then I moved to the country with only gravel and used them and tire chains. I liked the chains so I traded for another set of chains with someone. Now I moved again only with a long but flate driveway with cement and tar again.

Here is what I found. They don't have much more traction then just straight ag tires. So if you only have turf tires-this will help a lot.

They do NOTHING for ice-just like an ag tire.

The onlything that works on ice is metal-so true chains.

I have heard others say it is better even on cement (don't know about tar) to load the tractor up with enough weight so the tires don't spin-and use chains vs anything else if there will be ice.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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