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Years ago I bought a white plastic 55 gallon drum with removable top from the car wash. Drilled a drain hole just up from the bottom, plugged with a boat plug, and used it as a test tank when I was into restoring antique outboard motors. Now it is my fuel depot drum since I keep a Jerry can of diesel for the 430 and two Jerry cans of treated gas for the 212, 216, 322, and backup generator. That way I only have one 2.5 gallon gas can as the main dispenser. I keep the barrel a short distance from the shop, in the shade...well away from the house. Use a stick pump to fill the 430 and other machines if the little can is empty. Twice a year I cycle all the gas through the truck, and refill/refuel the generator and 2 Jerry cans.
The empty suds barrels are great for a variety of uses. I want a 500-750 gallon poly tank as rainfall catch/storage basin for about half the roof. Being a child of the desert I get antsy when I see rainwater just running off into the wild.
Having to work to get, store, ration and wisely use every drop you have makes tanks an invaluable tool.
1 - 10 of 70 Posts