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Throwout PTO clutch questions

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I have looked at the Deere parts site till the cows came home and I can't find the parts number for the relatively small belt that comes from the engine pulley on the right side and goes to the throw out clutch pulley. I also need the return spring that goes on the bottom of the throw out clutch to remove tension from the belt. I'd sure appreciate any part numbers!
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Bill try looking up a Model 38 Rotary Mower.

The part number for the belt I think you are looking for is M40222 and I think the spring you are looking for is M40839.

Took me a little while the first time I went to look for the belt part number.
I was looking at the decks listed in the -100,000 110 tractors, so thanks for the find. The belt looks right, but looking at the model 38, is it possible that the spring part is L1142C? Thanks for all you help!
One other thing. The hole that I thing one end of the spring goes in shows a cotter pin? My tractor has one there with nothing else in the hole. Any ideas what the pin is for?
See these pictures.

It's a spring, item number 4 in the first pic, and item 7 in the second pic, part number L1142C.

For belts and other common replacement parts:


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I sure appreciate it Terry and Kyle. This is exactly what I was looking for. Bill
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