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Tim Wheeler ?

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I cant seem to reply to your original post.
What engine is that a VH-70 or a VH-60? As I know the original 70 engines were painted black .
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I was wondering about the engine,too.
It looks like a V60 out of a Snapper RER.
Mitchell - Just saw this one!! Sorry for the delay. As confirmed by Roger in my other post, this is a replacement. A V-70. Thanks for the post and I'll keep you updated on my progress...

Tim W.
Where's the updates on your progress??
Mitch - check out the thread in this same forum (as of now it's still on the first page). It's titled 1971 Model 70 - Restoration Complete! Pic Heavy.

There's also a Google album here: https://plus.google.com/photos/10180...585?banner=pwa

If you can't see it, no worries because you can see all three of my machines next week... See you soon!

Tim W.
I will wait until Saturday to see the real things! The boys will be with us.
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