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Tire recommendations

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Hello all,
Any tires anyone recommends for my 110 that is close to the factory ones? All I come up with is Carlisle. Don't want to go with AG tires.
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Look at Miller tire above with the sponsors. They probably have the closest to originals. Roger
You are limited depending on what size tires you need. If you have the narrow rims you can get close to originals. If you have the wide wheels most go with AGs.
If you don't mind me jumping into the thread....

Can I ask what where the original tires on a 1966 JD 110?

I recently picked up my first one it looks 99 percent original.....the tires are "Firestone turf and garden"
Chris the tires could have come from Good Year, Firestone or BFG. And the rears would have been either 23x8.50-12s or 6.00-12s in either ags or lawn treads. The fronts would have been either 4.00/4.80-8s or 16x6.50-8s in a lawn tread. To confuse things even more it was not unusual to see new tractors with Firestones on one end and either BFG or Goodyears on the other end. Roger
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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