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Has anyone ever used 4-wheeler tires on your tractors? Or would they be wrong for this application? thanks Alan
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Alan.. I just ordered a pair of 26x12-12 Carlisle Field Trax to install on my 400 tractor. They're for 4 wheelers, gator type machines and garden tractors. They're costing me $94 US. They should provide better traction without digging up the grass.


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Matt Kosakowski put some All Trails on his 317. I really like the looks.


I use the All Trails on my 74-112 w/snowblower & tiller, really like them in the snow, no chains needed!

Also have them on the drive wheels of my 550 Mule! ~~ Lowell
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Lowell.. hopefully my Field Trax will be as good as the All Trails in the winter. I'd like to get away with no chains on that 400. It'll have a front blade on it. I plan on using it for light snow duty. For the deep stuff my model 50 snowthrower will be mounted on another 400 with turfs/chains, weights and a cab.

Holy cow! I'm talking about winter in July. I should be whacked on the head with a rolled up newspaper. That's how my wife tunes me up and it seems to work.


I run 26X12X12 Swamp Witch ATV tires on my 317 and LOVE them, they grip like crazy. The Firestone's on my 112 are 2 ply and my Chin Skin's on the 110 are also 2 ply the ATV tires are 6 ply. Neither of the "tractor tread" sets grip nearly as good as the Swamp Witch ATV tires.

I ordered mind from Tucker Tires ebay store, the same place I got all the tires and tubes I have needrd for my Deere's.
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