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Tractor Manuals???

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Are there any John Deere garden tractor manuals that can be found on-line (free)??? I have a 140 I'd like to get the books on... Thanks

Please post links...
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have a John Deere stx 38 riding mower ,older one ,electrical systems runs the motor ,when charge the battery ,mower runs and operates good ,but when pto engaged ,drains battery,motor will stay running but pto will stop working,when cut pto back on will kill the motor,but motor will stay running as long as you don't switch the pto,plus it will charge battery if run pto off ,,any ideal what this could be}}
Tom, I think you may have hit it right on the nail, it will drain the battery mowing ,you can drive it across the yard, switch off and it will charge the battery back up enough to kick the PTO back on, I think that PTO clutch may be going bad, took it off and hot wired it, it seem to be kicking in ,but it's slow to kick in when on the mower, yes it is a Kohler 12.5 Command , does these PTO drag or take on more power when going out,or do they just go out completely
thanks Tom ,I'll check that out , it's a Warner clutch
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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