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Trailer hubs for 3

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Deere heads,
The local TSC has 1 1/16" five bolt trailer hubs. Does anyone know if these are available somewhere for 3/4 or 1 inch axles. It would be nice to switch from tri ribs to turf by unbolting. Buy a narrow trailer wheel for the ribs and a snowmobile trailer wheel for the turfs. Paint 'em JD yellow. Probably cost the same as I just paid for the skinny dimple wheels. Would look cool too, 5 bolt pattern front and rear.
It would be nice to have seals too, except for those reinforcing tabs getting in the way of them on the 3/4'ers.
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Do you need the ground capabilities of a garden tractor, i.e. tilling, single moldboard plow, etc? If not, then get a JD X300 series. They can handle a snow blade, snow blower, and you can get a shovel for them (I wouldn't recommend that though). If you need ground engaging, then you have to move up to the X500 series, which are more expensive. I wouldn't mess with the D-series as they won't compare favorably with your 265.
The X320 and the X500 are excellent machines, but not really comparable. Ones a lawn tractor while the X500 is a garden tractor. If you can afford it, get the X500 as you can add more attachments later.
A 2000 model will have the steel cam gear, so no worries there. A good GT2X5, a 3X5, or a GX3X5 will be at least equivalent to your 265 and then some.
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