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Transaxle exchange

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I have a 64 round fender 110 with busted housing. It is the 3 speed with 3 bolt hubs. I have a 112 square fender parts tractor. My question is this, can I put the newer transaxle in the round fender and if so will I have to make any modifications ?
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Yes Mike, it can be done. You will have to do some modifications to the frame. I've only read about others on this forum dealing with the differences of installing a 4 speed in the 3 speed chassis, no personal experience doing it. A few have restored them back to 3 speed after removing a 4 speed transplant.

I, and many others will encourage you not to do it though. '64 110's aren't super rare, but they are only original once, and older than '65, '66, and '67 RFs.

Try an ad in the classified forum for a good used one, maybe you'll get lucky!
But it's your tractor to do as you please.

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Thanks Tommyhawk, you are right about only original once. I took this one in on a trade and about the only thing any good or original is the frame so it would take a complete 64 original to make this one a true 64 original and I have the parts to build it but not original. I wish I could put it together original. Thanks again for your reply.
Might I inquire if you know the condition of the rest of the tranny? It probably would take a catastrophic gear failure to break the case. If it's only a crack from frozen water, no gear damage, you might find someone who has good case halves to sell.

At the last Springfield, Ohio JD Expo (2 years ago) my son happened upon a complete 3 speed tranny in the swap area. It seemed to function OK and we thought it would be good to get it for a spare or to pass on to another '64 owner. I don't remember the price, but it was fair, so we were interested. Never could find the seller, and we had to leave without it.

My son's '64 is not totally original either. Have had to replace and repair a few things. It's a good reliable little tractor, fun to use.

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Are the 3 ad 4 speed cases the same? I have 1/2 of one from my 66. I 'd have to go look to see which 1/2. Mine was from water that froze and cracked the other side. Let me know would be glad to work something out.
No, the 4 speed case is different. In fact, I see a serial number break at #3571 for the 3 speed case halves. I suspect there was a change in the tranny case between '63 and '64 tractors, but not sure where the '63 serial numbers ended.

But that's good to know. If Mike does decide to look for another case or tranny, more research would be needed to get the right one. The '63 owners will Know!

Hope I can jump in here w/ a related ?
Can a 1968 & later 4 spd. transaxel be used/fit a 1966 110?
Yes, all the way through the 200 series. You will likely have to use the shift lever from the '66 which is a straight swap. The brake band assembly is different on some of the later ones, too. Again, an easy swap.
Some where along the line Peerless updated the differential to a heavier duty gear profile. Not to be confused with the limited slip differential which was available in a few 110/112 era.

I have heard the 3 speeds in the 60 and 70 lawn mowers are the same as the 63-64 110s. You could get one of those.
No, the 60, 70, 100 transaxle is a lighter duty series. It is quite different.

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