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Transaxle problems

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Alright guys I need help. Had to replace some seals in the transaxle the usual suspects got everything back together and now I have a problem. The tractor will not shift into gear without some major grinding, I can get into gear with a little rocking and force but I know that's not right. Not sure if the brake pedal has anything to do with it, I can only depress it about an inch. Help me out guys. It's a 65 110 with the four speed.
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Did you notice when you pulled the transaxle out which set of holes it was in the frame? My guess it was in the front set and you reinstalled it in the rear set. The front is for newer belts and the rear for when the belts start to stretch. If you change those two positions you would need to go through all the variator/ brake adjustments. Usually grinding means that the input shaft has not stopped when you are trying to shift.
I would have to look but recall seeing two sets of holes. That is what I was guessing that everything inside is still spinning. But shouldn't depressing the brake pedal cause all the inside gearsto stop?

In my experience you need to wait for the input shaft to spin itself to a stop, 5-10 seconds. it may not be right, but it is the way my 69 and 70 112's work, and a 210 that used earlier this year.

If you start it with the clutch brake pressed down it should be stopped, but if you release them and let it spin up, you have to wait for it to stop again before shifting into gear

When you put the transmission in the tractor did you by any chance put it in the transmission in the rear set of holes. If you did the belt will be way out of adjustment and not stop. If you look at these pictures you can see the double holes about 3/4 of an inch apart. In the first picture you can see one of the bolts at the rear of the tractor and the other bolt is empty. With a new belt all the bolts should be in the holes towards the front of the tractor. Roger

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Thanks guys I will take a look. That might be the problem.... I hope. Also how far should the clutch/brake pedal move when stepped on?
Alex do you have the service manual? All the adjustments are in there.
From the bottom of the footrest to the brake pedal should be 1/2 of an inch with the variator fully open in the 7th notch. With the pedal pushed down and the brake on the pedal should be 3/4 of an inch above the footrest. This would make a lot more sense if you have a service or owners manual. Roger
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