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Turf vs Ribbed Tires

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Need front tires for my 430, have seen all of the photos of the ribbed (V61?), can anyone give advice on how they work on lawn vs turf tires?
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I think they work better than turf tires. I don't get the sliding when turned quickly on wetter grass like I have had with turfs. Plus I don't think they mat the grass down as bad when you travel over it. They also don't collect all the clippings as much as some turfs I have used.

Since I've had my V61's, I won't go back to turf tires for the front. I echo Darrin's comments, plus they look much better, more like a tractor tire. charlie
How do the V61's work in snow with a blade or blower mounted?
I'm also considering swapping to the V61's as a replacement for my worn turf's on my 430. I really like the look of the V61's as well.

They are the best in snow....always run "clean"......with great traction for steering.
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I like the V61's for the snow. They work great!! No sliding like with the turfs or tri ribs. I would recommend them anyday!!
Thanks for the input. I think I'm sold on them.
Wow Jim! I knew this has been a cool summer but I don't have any of that white stuff in my driveway.

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