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Turnbuckle for 30 tiller

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Hi, I'm missing turnbuckle for my 30 tiller, would like to know length? it is on a 1967 112 round fender, would also live to know main belt length and size if anybody knows, tks it's belt that goes from tiller to tractor.

It's number 14
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That pipe sleeve/thing is 3-1/2" long, half of it is right hand thread and the part toward the tiller is left hand thread.
Tks Edward, I am gonna build one tomorrow, appreciate the quick response,
Douglas. I am missing mine also. Would you mind sharing how you plan to make it?
Bill I just cut a short piece of pipe, and welded a left hand nut on one side and right hand on the other, I left enough hex so I can just adjust it with a wrench, not concerned about looking original right now, total cost so far is $3:88, I will try and post a pic of it on tiller, it is 5/8 course thread btw,

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You might want to put the rod thru it so you can lengthen it after transporting the tiller to the garden. I lost that part about 20 years. It was $36 back then.
Pretty cleaver. Now I will need to find someone to weld it up for me. Too many tools and the line was drawn to expand to welding.
Bill I recommend picking up a left hand and right hand nut at your local fastener shop, swing by a welding shop just before break, it might cost you a coffee, or a couple beer on Friday afternoon,
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Well I guess my tiller will not be running quite as soon as I planned, got a pto problem, tiller came of my 66h which is currently being restored. I'm installing on my 67 which came with a 46" mowing deck. It looks to me like I gotta use pto/mule drive off 66"

67 2 belt pto drive

66 1 belt pto

I did get turnbuckle installed, seems to work well

Any comments or info would be appreciated,
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Years ago someone on Wfm was having a heck of a time getting everything related to the belts adjusted, they had to move the rearend/hitch to the froward holes. your transaxle is in the rear holes. A normal tiller belt is 5/8" wide, it may work in the 1/2" groves. Here is the 67 112 with the extra tiller pulley
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Tks Edward, I wonder how that extra pulley installs. That would save me some problems
From what I understand you take the nut off the outside pulley on your mule and this pulley threads on. I think it is threaded. I just picked up my tiller as part of a bunch of stuff including a non-running 112H ( left out in rain with no hood and with spark plug out and intake valve is stuck open, plus several other issues) I crawled around in the dirt and through leaves to find that mule drive with the famous pulley. Isn't that 1 pulley mule from a 110?

Question: I found a turnbuckle on ebay but it is 4.75 inches long. Do you think that will be too long? I read the specs were 3.5

Let me know if you need more info on that mule drive, I can see what I can do to get more info.
Edward and Bill thank you so much for info, between picture and your info Bill, I figured out my 66 mule drive pulley comes of and threads right on my 67, maybe I should have known that already, sometimes between long hours at work and kids I miss obvious things.lol, I will post a couple pics when I get new belt, hopefully by weekend, weather looking better.

Bill, as far as length on turnbuckle goes,I'm not sure yet, never tried mine except in garage but I will let you know, I made mine 3.5" I do think 4.75" would be a little long,
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Any suggestions on how to remove sections from my tiller, to make it narrower, sections seem to be really seized up? Tks
Douglas take the pins out that hold them on and till with the tiller. That will usually break them loose quickly. Roger
Roger I did try that, guess if will just keep trying,
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