I got this U056J blade when I bought my 400 in 2006. Since then it has been stored indoors in a climate controlled basement. I do not have any wheel weights to go with it. Appears to be in great shape with no rust and minimal wear. Does not appear to have had much use. I used the 400 just for mowing and only tried the blade maybe twice. I sold my 400 earlier this year. It has the hydraulic cylinders to move it up/down and side/side. This was on a 400 but I believe it could also mount to a 420/430 with some kind of work. Would like to get $550 for it picked up near Chattanooga, TN. I would also be willing to put it on a pallet and take it to any of the truck shippers here in Chattanooga if you arranged it from there-but prefer local pickup. PS-If you have a 400 and are collecting spare parts, I also have a nice rear axle with a cracked housing in another ad.