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I would appreciate it if someone would give me a short set of instructions on how to use the Search Engine to find previous discussions on "212 Fuel Pumps". When I do a search, I get responses from lots of categories other than "Gear Drive Tractors". I can't figure out how to narrow the responses.

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Hello, I picked up a LT155 for next to nothing. It runs good, but of course the hood is gone and hard to find. Regardless, it has the Freedom 42 deck that needs work because timing belt and blades are shot. I was wondering if JD made a "regular" 42" side discharge deck for this mower, or if any of the other LT or LX decks would fit. Thanks! - Jim
Yes there is a 42C deck for this model. Also, I believe the 38 deck will fit. BTW, here is a link to the technical manual:

TM 1695

You have to register (it's free) and you're limit to 2 downloads a day or 50 meg a day until you get 10 posts in their forums.

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Terry, thank you! This is very helpful. Thanks again
Jim, so far as I know, all mowers for LT133, LT155, and LT166 will mount interchangeably.
The parts manual for the LT166 seems to list all: 38, 42, 46, and 48 inch.

If you've got a good shell with the mower you have, you can rebuild it easily. You may need idler(s) and spindle bearings if yours are not absolutely smooth-turning. Timing belt and blades are normal expendables.

The hoods are plastic (ugh!) and finding good parts used is difficult/unlikely.

Use the parts manuals at jdparts.com to see what you need. On these models, the mowers are covered with the tractors.

I have an LT133 with 38" mower and Tri-Cycler mulcher that I bought non-running a few years ago, and did a complete restoration of missing/broken parts. Getting it running was mostly cleaning the rotted fuel out of the fuel system plus a starter relay, but even with a new hood top and front "bumper" hinge, seat,belts, idlers, and mower spindles, I've used it four years for well under $1000 invested, and it's got a lot more life left.

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Hank, great information, thanks for letting me know. The Freedom deck I have is rebuildable as the shell is solid, and the bearings, pulleys, etc are fine. I just don't know if I want that one, I'm more used to side discharge mowers. Thanks again! - Jim
Jim, the 42 Freedom mower is a mulcher. There isn't any discharge. It grinds up the clippings and drops them in place. As I mentioned, my 38" deck has the Tri-Cycler mulcher installed.

Why do you feel you need a side discharge deck? Are you bagging your grass clippings? If you are bagging the clippings, then you're removing all the nutrients in them. Mulching returns the nutrients to the ground and builds good topsoil.

If you are not bagging, and just blowing the clippings out, then you will get windrows of clippings. The mulcher does not leave windrows.

Beyond that, with no clippings discharge, there is no need for the extra width of a discharge chute or a bagging attachment. My 38" has the discharge chute removed because the Tri-Cycler has a plate that covers it. That allows me to mow close to things on either side, and I can maneuver with the full width of the mower and nothing more.

If you haven't tried using a mulcher before, I'd suggest that you put the belt and new blades on your deck and use it. You'll do less fertilizing and watering, and have a fuller and richer lawn for doing it. And there is no labor involved.

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Hank, thanks for the info, you make a good argument for putting this freedom deck back together! I don't bag the clippings so you are probably right, I just never used a mulching deck like this. Regardless, It will likely come down to if I can find a used hood - or not. If I can't I'll just sell the tractor as I don't like using tractors with no hoods, etc. Thanks again - Jim
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