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V60 or v70

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Where does it tell me on the tecumseh motors that I have a v60 or a v70? On the bottom corner of the block I have a plate with a numbers but tells me nothing. The block also has 431 cast into the side of the block. Guess I'm question what motor I have. I know I have one or the other. The body is a 1970 JD 70 model. Please help.
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Could be either and probably the only way to know for sure is to pull the head and measure the bore and stroke. You might be able to look up the numbers on www.partstree.com and see if it tells you. More because I am curious than anything else what are the numbers on the engine. Roger
That website doesn't work. I was told the block said v60 or v70 on it and I have not seen it anywhere.
There is nothing on the block to tell you only the tag on a Tecumseh engine has numbers. If I had to guess it would be a VH70 engine as even if it was short blocked it would have gotten a 70 short block. I just went to the site and this is the web address I used. http://www.partstree.com/parts/ Roger
Kalin this interested me as to why the first address I put in didn't work. What I found when using it for some reason this site is sending it as a .cpm instead of .com. The other thing to check on your engine is the block aluminum or cast iron? A magnet will tell you that. The JD engine should be cast iron. Roger
Just to expand a bit on what Roger has stated, a V60/V70 engine block is aluminum and would not be the original engine that came in the tractor.

Cast iron blocked VH60 (60 tractor) and VH70 (70 tractor) were original equipment engines.

The aluminum block engines should fit just the same if the PTO end of the crank is correct size for the clutch.

Well tomorrow afternoon I will take a look at it. So if the magnet sticks to the block. It's a original/correct v60/v70 motor. I believe it's cast iron black. He just rebuilt it and painted it silver. He also gave me the parts and mower deck and said this motor is the motor that will work to mow with this deck. Also when I looked at the motor . At the bottom of the block in the corner. There is a thin square piece of Tin bolted to it. I bend it back and has numbers on it. I don't have the ser. On hand right now. I do know the first letters are SVB. Guessing that means small vertical block. I'm sure it's correct but what kind of threw me off was in the add it said 1966 70. The hood has the john Deere 70 decal. The body serial number is a 1970 so I thing he just mis printed it. So all motor were black right?
When I clicked on first website you have me. It said safari cannot open the page because the server cannot be found. The second one you gave me worked.
Kalin the other thing is both the engines used by JD were VH engines not the V only engine. VH meant vertical heavy duty cast iron and V meant vertical light duty aluminum engine. Roger
Weren't the 56 and 57 rear engine riders also tecumseh, and of the aluminum variety.

Cast iron, aluminum, I have had no luck with any Tecumseh's on anything I own personally. I repower them any change I get if there is an engine that fits. Tough to do in a 60/70 since the frame/tractor is tightly fit around those engines.
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