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V70 motor for sale... should I buy it?

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Came across a running V70 motor for sale. Seller is asking $125.00. I have a VH70 for a '74 JD 70 that I am going to restore. The VH70 runs. Thinking it might be a good idea to buy the V70 since parts are harder to find and by the looks of it I can use parts from the V70 for the VH70. Thoughts? Thanks
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I bought a V70 recoil start for $10 bucks this fall. Needed a carb cleaning. Crank is 1" so I need a new pulley and wont be able to use the clutch.

If it was a VH70 (cast iron block) its probably worth $125.

Does this have electric start with charging? Is it the right oil pain for a JD 70?
Here are some pics of the motor. What do you guys think? The seller said he bought it at an auction and it has never been used/ run. He said he believes that by looking at the oil in it is the starter oil that they use to put in new motors.

Its recoil start, no charging system that I can see. Cant tell crankshaft diameter from the picture.

I would give about 1/2 he's asking personally...

Shannon, dont know, its a pretty small pulley and you know space in these 60/70's are a premium so I dont know if you would have room for the electrics under there.

Maybe a clutch from a STX38 or 111 or something?
Yes deff get that engine for parts. They are getting harder and harder to find every day.
Yes I did. The carb on my VH70 was worn really bad. So I put the carb from the V70 on the VH70 and now it runs great!
Congratulations, You dirty dog you! ( read the jealousy oozing from my post)

Seriously though ,,, good luck with it.
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