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V70 & VH70 same piston?

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I bought a JD 70 that needs the motor overhauled. I found a sleave that will work. So my next question is are the V70 piston & VH70 piston the same. I'd like to go back to stock bore (2.75). Second question is how hard is it to put new valve guides in or am I better off buying the over sized valves? Thanks for your help!
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Look up both engines in www.partstree.com and see if they are the part number. I think they are but that would give you the facts. You might be able to do the same thing if you looked up the pistons part number for a 70 lawn tractor and a 57 rider. You can do that at www.jdparts.com. Also welcome to WFM. Roger
John I looked up the pistons on JD Parts and they have different part numbers. Not sure what is different but something is. The 70 (VH70) used part number AM38073 and 57s (V70) used part number AM33493. Roger
That is what I also found. I was just wondering if anyone ever had the two side by side to compare. I might gamble and buy one just so I can answer the question. I see lots of people looking for these pistons with no luck. I was lucky enough to find a sleeve thin enough to put in the block. It was a harley sleeve I just had to cut it to length. As long as the pin height, pin diameter are the same I would think I could make it work. I will try to post more info for anyone trying to do this also.
John I also looked it up in Parts Tree and the Tecumseh part numbers are also different. VH70 is 34258 and V70 is 34517. I suspect the the pistons in fact are made different because the VH70 engine is cast iron and V70s aluminum bore engines. That would mean the pistons would need to expand and contract at different rates. Also from what I can find stock pistons are no longer available but oversized pistons still are. Roger
Roger,good info! I may go ahead with a V70 piston cause I'm going to bore it to size anyway. I may do some digging and see if I can come up with the allowable tolerances on the bore & piston and see if I can see anything there. They may use a bigger tolerance on the cast iron as opposed to alum block. Thanks for all your help.
The VH-60 has a 2-5/8" X 2-1/2" bore and stroke and the VH-70 has 2-3/4" X 2-17/32" in bore and stroke.
A v70 piston should work in a vh70.They use the same part numbers for the rings,and rods.
Their shouldnt be a problem with expansion.
If you look up Vh60 and v60,
They both used the same part number for the piston.
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