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Variable speed adjustment steps for a 66 110h

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Wondering if someone could help me with the steps in adjusting my variable speed lever? I have stop/slow or just all the way forward fast. I also notice in 4th gear and lever all the way forward it moves but then I will reach down and pull the pedal back a bit and go a little faster. That part isn't so bad. I have checked the belts and they seem in good shape too. Some good Steps In Adjusting it would be greatly appreciated!
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Take the little door off just below the key, remove the pin from the clevis, Take the spark plug wire off, start rotating the engine with the key, put the variator handle in the third notch from the front with the engine rotating. Back to the clevis: push up on the clevis and adjust the clevis so the pin slides back in without being forced. Get the grease gun: look in the hole and find the fitting, put the door and sparkplug wire back on.
If this tractor sets outside you might want to check the variator pulley to see if the center sheave is stuck.
Okay thanks Edward H. Lincoln. I will try working on that this week.
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