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My machine is a 66, 110. My variator has never been connected. What is it for? Do I need it to be connected? I use it weekly to mow.
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The variator allows you to have multiple speeds in each gear. If I didn't have the variator I would constantly be shifting to do a job. An example would be mowing I use 3rd gear and use the variator to speed up in the long straight runs and by pushing on the clutch pedal I can easily slow down for trimming or corners. I don't use the lever as the pedal does the same thing. The only time I would use the lever is if I wanted to return to a set speed as in tilling. The lever is only there to control your top speed. Are you sure the variator isn't connected as if the variator isn't working you wouldn't have a clutch to start and stop the tractor. Welcome to WFM. Roger
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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