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VH60 Magneto & Spark?

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I have a JD 60 with the VH60 engine. It will not spark. I have installed new battery, new spark plug, new coil, new condenser, and new points. Plug and points have properly set gaps.

It will not make a spark large/strong enough to jump the spark plug. If I hold the spark wire really really close to the block it will make the smallest spark when cranked.

I have had that fly wheel on/off multiple multiple times. I lightly sanded and cleaned the inside (magnet) side of the flywheel. I lightly sanded and cleaned the post the coil is on. I removed all the wires and sanded/cleaned the connection surfaces. This thing should make a vivid gap-jumping spark. (and I actually have replaced the coil twice...it technically is on the third coil... all the same response.)

The only thing I notice, which I can't do anything about is that the post that the coil is impaled on and the two posts either side of the coil, as shown in the picture, seem to be de-laminating a little. Don't have a clue if that is an issue.

ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS? This is a nice little tractor that is in really good shape except for the no-spark thing. I'm not looking to engine it.


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Use a spark tester plug wire and see what that shows in a darkened room when it is cranked. I doubt if anything you did is wrong but suspect you have more spark than you think. The test wire will show the spark better than holding a spark plug against the block or a wire near the block. I have a 70 engine that doesn't start and have replaced all that you have. It will occasionally start when it is cold and I have come to the conclusion that it doesn't have enough compression when it warms up to restart. Rings will be the next step when I get to them. Roger
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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