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VH60 Magneto & Spark?

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I have a JD 60 with the VH60 engine. It will not spark. I have installed new battery, new spark plug, new coil, new condenser, and new points. Plug and points have properly set gaps.

It will not make a spark large/strong enough to jump the spark plug. If I hold the spark wire really really close to the block it will make the smallest spark when cranked.

I have had that fly wheel on/off multiple multiple times. I lightly sanded and cleaned the inside (magnet) side of the flywheel. I lightly sanded and cleaned the post the coil is on. I removed all the wires and sanded/cleaned the connection surfaces. This thing should make a vivid gap-jumping spark. (and I actually have replaced the coil twice...it technically is on the third coil... all the same response.)

The only thing I notice, which I can't do anything about is that the post that the coil is impaled on and the two posts either side of the coil, as shown in the picture, seem to be de-laminating a little. Don't have a clue if that is an issue.

ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEAS? This is a nice little tractor that is in really good shape except for the no-spark thing. I'm not looking to engine it.


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Glad you came right. It is really a PITA with these engines when one has to remove the flywheel every time the points, condensor or coil needs attention or inspection. BTDT. The only consolation is that once they're running, they do so for an extended period of time. Enjoy!
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