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VH70 flywheel swap?

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hey guys got a Q, can a VH70 flywheel be swapped out for a flywheel that uses a solid state coil. i cant get my VH70 to run and their are no qualified mechanics in my area for these old engines
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I do not think so. Points ignition is under the flywheel and solid state is on the outside of the flywheel. I don't think you would have a place to bolt the solid state coil onto your engine. Roger
my vh70 does have the attachment to put a solid state coil, they are 2 tower looking attachment points. The only thing is to find a flywheel that would fit and be for a solid state coil. I am trying to do this so i could do away with the points ignition. Any ideas?
According to the Tecumseh parts book a JD spec. number 135008 VH70 was never optioned to use the coil you want to use. This site http://www.partstree.com/parts/?lc=tecumseh&mn=VH70-135008&dn=10052135008-EN should get you to the right page. I looked it up at www.partstree.com. It shows the parts you want but no parts number or price which means it wasn't used on the JD engine. Roger
I've been to those sites to look for the parts but no luck, thats why i came to the forum to see if anybody has tried what im trying to do. my vh70 has the mounts for the solid state coil on the outside of the flywheel i just need to find which flywheel would fit the shaft. when i figure it out i will be sure to share the info thanks again
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