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VH70 Repair ... how to?

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I picked up a JD 70 this past weekend. The VH70 motor is taken apart, the seller said that the connecting rod broke on it. It came with all new parts to fix it. I have never dug this deep into a motor before. Can anyone point me in the right direction as to how to put it back together? Any books or previous post on this would be appreciated! Thanks!
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get a service manual that is all you need and some patience, I just redid a 60 with a broke rod.clean it up good and checkever part over for damage. when these engines fly apart it can wreak alot of small things. good luck and enjoy yourself. shannon
Be sure to check the crankpin for wear (with a micrometer). If it's way off you'll get a lot of slop, knocking, and soon enough your current situation once again.
jd ,because this your first ,take as many photos as you can of everything .tag and mark parts ,to where they came from ,manuals are a must,find a good machine shop,and have them mic all parts ,before you order anything ,and you will need the manual ,for the machine shop ,hope this helps .David
wow thanks bob! That was very nice of you! This will come in very handy!
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Bob, Most excellent link. Thank You.

Are there parts available to rebuild these?
The VH 70 to be exact.

Thanks Mark
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