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Wanted Transaxle Parts 1966 John Deere 110H Transaxle Parts

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The time has come to open the transaxle and rebuild it. I have a 1966 John Deere 110H (Serial Number SNT1032061956M). I'm looking to purchase all the parts on the inside of the transaxle. Gears, retainer springs, everything. It is the Tecumseh/Peerless trans axle. Would Anyone out there be able to help me with this? Could anyone direct me to where I might find one?
I am located immediately South of Calgary, Alberta, Canada


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Are you looking for used parts or new?
Hi Cliff,
I'm open to all suggestions. New or used, I'm happy to consider both options. Thank you.
Peerless,I think


John Deere has I believe most of the parts you would need to rebuild your transmission. It is a Peerless model 2300 and is the same if your tractor is a 110 or a 110H. JD used them all the way up to the 1986 200 series tractors. You can look at JD Parts on line and see what new parts cost. Roger
Thank you for this Grant. Appreciated. Kind regards.
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Thank you for the info. Roger. I'm on it. All the best.
Daniel, I just bought a members Deere collection; tractors, attachments, and parts. I haven't brought it home yet but know there is a transaxle in the stack of mower decks. How soon would you be starting this project?

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