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Its probably time for a full rebuild of the Motor but have a few questions.... Currently it runs but smokes bad at start up & after running 5 minutes 90% of smoke issue is gone. So I'm thinking heat expands piston & tightens up bore. So probably main culprit is on the smoke issue is sloppy piston/ bore issue----Right ?
2. Valve Guides---- Does it take special tools to replace these or is their a Vid on this ?
3 Have cked with a local machine shop & not real confident in them as they would like to do the rebuild & 2 month wait & they don't want to use the same tolerance specs as supplied by "Isave Tractors" recommends. So I'm still looking around & may try to do as much of the disassembly/assembly myself as I can. I have watched several youtube VIDS on this & its within my wheelhouse to do it . Maybe minus any specialty tools required. I have access to a press & have a flywheel puller, Torque wrench ect. So what other specialty tools will I need . ( I will have a machine shop ck tolerances/ & any machining required)
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