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What hydro fluid to use in a 316?

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I just bought a 1986 316. What fluid should I use when I drain and refill the trans? Also, is there anywhere I can download the owners manual? It is in very good, solid condition, and I may restore it.
Thanks for any info.
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I use JD low viscosity Hy-Gard in ALL my machines.
You can use Type F ATF fluid also but I would guess the majority of the people opt for the Hy-Gard since they can pick it up at the same time as the filter
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Thanks for the info! Any idea where I can download the owners manual?
You'll have better luck trying to get the manual from Deere than finding it to download.

Manuals are copyrighted material and owned by JD which they protect their rights.

You might check Keeping it Green a sponsor at the top. They are great people to deal with. Or when you pickup fluid and filter have them order one. Might even post in the wanted forum
Hello everyone, new guy here... I have a very strange problem I am hoping someone can provide some insight on. My LX277 with 17hp Kaw starts & runs fine at part or full throttle, but when letting the brake off, the engine would immediately die, like you turned the key off.

First thought was the brake safety switch, so I jumped a wire across it. Again, mower starts right up, and now i can drive it around just fine.

Thinking cool, just meed to replace the switch, BUT then I went to engage the mower deck, and as soon as i trip the solenoid, the mower immediately dies, just like in the earlier example. It does not even attempt to engage the clutch, it is just like i turned the key off. No sputter, not bogging the motor down, nothing, just dies.

I am thinking this must be some type of electrical interruption causing the motor to die. What really throws me off is that the motor would die when letting the brake pedal out (tripping the safety switch), but starts & runs fine when the safety switch has a jumper wire.

Anyone run into this before??

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Sounds like it could be a problem with the seat safety switch.
repair rule 101... check the obvious first! Turns out the seat switch came unplugged when the seat was flipped up. I did not think the engine would even run with the switch unplugged, so did not think to look in that direction.

Thanks for the tip!!
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