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What is Your Favorite Off-Color L&G Tractor

  • Case/Ingersol

    Votes: 29 21.2%
  • Cub Cadet

    Votes: 46 33.6%
  • Wheel Horse/Toro

    Votes: 28 20.4%
  • Sears

    Votes: 6 4.4%
  • Simplicity/Allis Chalmers/Homelite/etc.

    Votes: 18 13.1%
  • Gravely

    Votes: 8 5.8%
  • Bolens

    Votes: 11 8.0%
  • Power King/Economy/Jim Dandy/etc.

    Votes: 6 4.4%
  • MTD

    Votes: 1 0.7%
  • Other

    Votes: 20 14.6%

What is Your Favorite Off-Color Tractor

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What is your favorite off-color L&G tractor.
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I have to say Wheel Horse also, though I like the big wheel Cases and some CCs also. But Wheel Horses are cool.
Wheel Horse also, especially our little Lawn Ranger. I'm curious to see how the Gravely my son is working turns out. Might become my favorite if all goes well. My Kubota B6000 is a stout machine but not considered a GT.
133% ? ok maybe the math isn't working on this
133% ? ok maybe the math isn't working on this
It's the new math....:nada:


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I like my Gilson made Monkey Ward has hydro trans and lift. I just got a Bolens 2012 running for my nephew, it has a 12hp Tecumseh, runs good.
My first tractor was a Massey Ferguson 7 (made by AMF).

It had a Tecumseh 7 hp that I repowered with a Tecumseh 8 hp. It was a very robust tractor except I quickly learned to avoid Tecumseh engines. I continuously fought to keep original and replacement engines running.

I finally scrapped the tractor. I would buy another but larger with hydro trans and hyd lift for something to play with.
That's real nice Dennis!
I have to go with the ariens gt 18/20. I voted /gravely for the part compatibility, but ariens had a 318 H1 with shaft drive and one of the best GT snowblowers ever. They have limitations with an internal rigged H1. no ports. but snowblowing is the only time I get to really work a GT hard and I had to get a JD 420 with a 47 to give up my GT18. I passed on a 318 with a berco because the berco was well used and didn't look like it would handel presents you find in the snow. infact it was obvious it failed many times. the ariens blower is still a better design then deer god. its built like a chest freezer, but scaled like a QH one to not to way to heavy like the chest freezer. A berco throws impressive distance and I think deer tried to copy ot with the QH, but should have gone 1/2 way to balance like ariens/gravely had.


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That is one sweet looking Massey Dennis. I hope to have one after I decide which ones I already own I need to keep.

I've been watching craigslist for one of those Masseys with the Kohler. You have a very nice one there.
Ill throw a vote to Bolens. My Grandpa had a 1900 eliminator hydro that was passed to my dad. I grew up with that tractor. The kt19 engine stills purrs like a kitten. Parts for it are hard to come by but theres a guy about 2 hours south of us that still deals in them. Its been well taken care of since it was new and im hoping it gets passed to me one day.
Mine would be a Bolen's. Just got an old 770 from my dad 70's year and will be my next winter project for sentimental reasons.
My 1981 AC 917Hydro with original series one Kohler K17, who says they don't last. Its snow throwing capability is actually superior to my JD 318 with the 49 thrower, so it gets to play and the 318 is back up, Tractor Snow blower Vehicle Snow Agricultural machinery
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My folks had a 1976 AC 710 that we mowed 3 acres and tilled 4 large gardens with every year. It was completely original until it finally drew its last gasp in 2008. 32 years from a Kohler cast iron 10 HP. I just sold it and a re-powered A/C 716H to a guy from MN last fall. He planned on using the 716 on his garden and his son was in small engine school and needed a project to rebuild. If it ain't Green...I'll take orange.
Of all my tractors, 1975 John Deere 400, 1991 Murray Ultra 20 hp., a wide body Murray, a 1991 Sears, and a John Deere STX 30 I seem to always go to the Murray Ultra the most to get chores done quickly. It has always fired right up whenever I need it and does whatever I need it to do be it hauling, plowing, mowing, or tilling.
How do I vote? I like the Ingersol's with tall ag tires on them, and they have some neat attachments, but I have heard the drive hydraulics for the transmission are a bit funky.
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