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Where to find mouning brackets for a John deere 30 hydro tiller and a 318??

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Anyone know where I can find the 4 mounting brackets to connect my 30 hydro tiller to a 318? I just picked up the tiller Sunday and the seller would not come off of the mounting brackets. He said he needed them for his 3 point hitch. Thanks for any help I'm hoping to try this thing out soon.
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Nate,, What is your Email??
I've got a set of hitches or couplers.
I was going to send you a Picture of what I
have, but could not determine your email.

OK,, Let me go find them and take a couple of Pictures.. I've got then out in the shop somewhere..
Nate, Found them, and set pictures of what I've got.. Thanks..
1 - 3 of 20 Posts
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