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Where to get throttle and choke cables?

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I've looked everywhere and found nothing. Where do I get them from?
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If you have the throttle lever most push mower cables are the same it just screws in . On a replacement cable first pull the cable out and cut the outside to the proper length . Then bend cable end to fit the carb you can cut off excess at the throttle end later. E- bay has them Search push mower throttle cable.Or a small engine shop should have them also.
I have the leaver but the little part that holds the cable to the assy is almost rusted away and I don't think it will hold the cable. The other one I can reuse but wasn't sure if you could just get everything new.
Joel, it appears the "Bracket AM30183" you need is no longer available from JD. Neither is the subbed kit number AM30567. The wire and conduit have a price, so appear available but for $48 plus. You could do better!
Knob still shows for $5.53.
Anyway, put a request in the Classifieds here for a good used one. The 112 RF and RF 110 share the same bracket. Look them up on JD Parts under "Levers" to be sure so I don't lead you on a wild goose chase. Good luck with the search.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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