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Why can't I find one of the posts Chuck VanD does about adjusting PTO clutches?

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My 111 PTO clutch isn't disengaging fully and I am going to adjust it. I can't remember what flat feeler I am supposed to use. Help me find the picture!
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That is what I was looking for!!! I see him post it about once a week (and I am REALLY glad he does) Now that I needed it I couldn't find it!
I would guess the 111 clutch would be .018 or really close. Like the slide said, that was an acceptable number for almost all clutches.

The vertical shaft engines have a PTO that is a little bit different than the older garden tractors with the horizontal shaft.

I don't have a manual for the 111, but the later Kawasaki engined LX series uses a clutch that has a nominal resistance of 2.4 to 2.7 ohms, and the TM1492 manual calls out a gap adjustment of 0.020 as shown by this excerpt.

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