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Wide track rear for 420

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I've seen some pretty gnarly looking machines in the gallery with what looks to be a bit wider stance in the rear with tires and wheels...how are you guys getting this stance...are you flipping the rims? Are there any negative issues that can arise from doing so? Thanks
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Assuming a tractor and rims are stock......

This wider stance you are talking about can only be accomplished with the 83-90 420's and 430's.

They have the wider 10.5 rims with the most offset.
I have an 86 420...just flip the wheels...any i'll desired issues from it?
Yes, just flip the wheels. If you have lug tires, make sure the lugs travel in the correct direction.

No ill issues. They were designed for this, as long as you have the OEM wheels. It does however require a wider footprint for ground travel, parking, storage, etc...
Chad, reversed my rims on my 84 430, when it was new, now almost 1900 hrs later no ill effects.
I've got a 420 that is in pieces right now and the wheels are out getting blasted right now waiting for TruPowers. If you put the wheels in the wide position do they clear the 60 deck?

They will clear with no problems. Thats the only way I run mine.
It is not good for snow removal with a 46 thrower.

The snow get caught in the rear tread making it harder to stay staight.
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