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Will this work?

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Working on tearing down the 70. Got 3 of the wheels off the 4th does not want to budge. Have been using PB Blaster on it. Decided to add some weight to it. Any chance this will work? What has worked for others? Thanks

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Last time I had a wheel stuck on a vehicle, I finally got it off by alternately smacking the left and right sides of the tire with a big rubber mallet. It eventually started to wiggle and then came loose.

I agree with steve,beat on it with a deadblow hammer, the way you have it set up I don't believe it will work all that fast
It worked! Just went to check on it and it had slide half way off! I took the weights off and used a 2x4 and a hammer and got the rest of it loose.
All Right! Now we have a new way to remove wheels. Just tip your vehicle on it's side, jack it up, and pile lots of weights on the wheel.
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I just fought "snap ring wars" with my JD 100. The snap ring on one of the rears just laughed at the cheap Menards pliers I tried on it. What worked was an old needle nose pliers which I filed down on the grinder to fit the holes on the ring. I then fully expected the same problem you encountered and was amazed at how easy the tire came off. Regards, John
I spent $25 on a pliers made by channel lock for this
Some tasks it pays to spend the money for good tools. Big snap rings can be a real bugger without good snap ring pliers.
Guess I forgot to add that i did use snap ring pliers and got the rings off and then had to use the weights with the stuck tire.
Knipex makes some excellent pliers. They make several different types of pliers. I have 8 different pairs of snap ring pliers and they are tough. I bought mine through the JD dealership because I can get them at net. Matco also sells them as Matco branded but are expensive. Sears has the best price on them that I have seen.
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