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Words of wisdom, (when installing an engine)

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Last night, I finished installing the K532 back into my 400. Had it out to replace the starter, and cleaned it up while I had it out. I had it all put back together, (well, without the hood & side covers on yet), and fired it up to test. The auxillary hydraulic pump for the loader worked fine, but I wasn't moving anywhere when I put it in high/low and move the speed control.

What I had failed to check, and I probably am not the only one, nor will I be the only one, was that when I removed the engine, the woodruff key had fallen out of the yoke on the input shaft to the hydrostatic pump! I found this after pulling the fender pan, and looking for something wrong. I didn't notice anything, except for when I powered it on, the driveshaft spun, but I could see the hydrostati}c pump wasn't spinning. Just below the yoke, on the cross-member was a lonely woodruff key.

I pondered this for a bit, and decided there would be an easier way than taking the battery, oil cooler, engine, and such back out to get the necessary space. I decided to detach the rear end and transmission/pump assembly from the frame. This only required removal of 7 bolts (I think there should have been an 8th), and I got it back together fairly easily. Using some drift pins here was key to reassembly. The beer sure tasted good after that was done!
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Beer might have helped more before hand...
Pete, that might have been how he got INTO that predicament !!!!!

Not that I'd ever know that!!!!!!!
Beer may have helped, to slow me down to THINK about things before I put it together.

When I realized what had happened, I REALLY craved one, but decided I had to fix it first. Success makes the beer taste better & colder!
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