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ZDDP Additive question

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Anyone out there use ZDDPLUS additive in their old Tecumseh HH100 engine to save on the wear of the internal parts?
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I do not use it but it will not hurt and if it makes you feel better use it. Roger
I do. It’s cheap insurance. Almost no oil anymore has the properties for mechanical lifters. It’s cheap insurance.
Thank you to all who replied. Picked up a quart of John Deere TY26790 Torq-Gard 30w motor oil with a API rating of CF/SL. I did some searching and found that John Deere states it has a high zinc content so I think I will use that. They don't however say how many ppm of zinc is in this oil though. This oil can be used in diesel, gasoline, and natural gas engines.
Key point - can be used in diesel engines. You could look at any of the diesel-rated motor oil products for your preferred additive package. Some guys use the same oil in all of their equipment.
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I have been using Valvoline VR-1 for over 20 years per the recommendations of an old small engine rebuilder who passed away a few years ago. It is high in zinc. I order it on Amazon as it is hard to find. Sometimes I find it at Napa Auto Parts. I use it in my JD 210, push mower, generators, pressure washers etc.


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